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Understanding Federal Grants and Scholarships for College

There are lots of federal grants and scholarships for college you can get to help you pay for the expensive costs of your university education. The government is an excellent source of such help. They offer plenty of assistance for students who cannot raise all the money for college they need. The first thing we’ll look at are federal grants. First, there’s the Pell grant. The Pell grant awards up to $4310 per year based upon student need and educational costs. This is one of the most commonly awarded grants and many students will qualify for such a grant. There are many tools online that will help you prepare to apply the most useful being the common app.

pell grant

The next type of federal grant is called the FSEOG which stands for the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Recipients of Pell grants who have a very low family contribution level may also qualify for the FSEOG. This grant is awarded in monetary amounts up to $4000 per year. For undergraduate students there is the Academic Competitiveness Grant which helps students pay for the costs of their undergraduate program. Another grant is the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant which is available for certain students participating in these areas of study. There are certain requirements for this grant so be sure to check with your advisor if you think you might qualify.


Scholarships are a bit different from grants. You can find scholarships from private foundations, public companies, nonprofit organizations and more. Scholarships are not just awarded based upon finances. They are also awarded based on merit which may be a combination of academics, extracurricular activities and community service involvement. There are scholarships that are worth a few hundred dollars and scholarships that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. You can find out a great deal of scholarship information from your college advisor. You can also learn more by conducting your own research.

In addition to federal grants and scholarships for college, there are also student loans you can apply for. Examples of student loans are Perkins and Stafford loans. When you apply for a student loan you will need to fill out a form called a FAFSA. Your application will be considered based upon a variety of criteria including the cost of your education, your income, your family contribution and your financial need. The financial aid office at your college can provide you with all the information you need to apply for federal grants and loans.

Baseball College Scholarships: Basic Information for Students

Are you a baseball player who wants to attend college? If so, it may be possible to get baseball college scholarships to help pay for your education. There are more than 1,000 colleges and universities that offer such scholarships. These colleges and universities award money to outstanding players who also meet academic fulfillments. It is important to understand that a player must be 18 years of age before they can be awarded a sports scholarship. Therefore, the best time to apply for one is after graduating from high school. Of course, students can certainly prepare themselves for the application process ahead of time.

It is important to understand that only the best players will be awarded college scholarships. There are two organizations you should know about — the NCAA and the NAIA. NCAA colleges can offer 11 baseball scholarships while NAIA colleges offer 12. You will need to find out what organization the college of your choice falls under. The best way to do this is to work with not only a trusted coach but also your guidance counselor or college advisor. You will definitely need to be proactive when it comes to marketing yourself to recruiters. Pushing for an athletic scholarship is hard work but is worth it for those who qualify.

So what does it take to win a scholarship? Excellent performance on the baseball diamond is of course one of the most important factors. However, it is not the only factor. You will also need to demonstrate good academic performance and meet a minimum grade point average requirement. There are other factors that may also contribute to your success including your involvement in other extracurricular and civic activities and organizations. Colleges awarding scholarships look not just for athletic performance but the well-roundedness and all around achievement of the student.

If you are unable to win any baseball college scholarships, you should know there are plenty of other ways to pay for college. You may want to try applying for non-sporting scholarships as well. In addition, financial aid such as student loans and grants from government, public and private providers can help you dramatically reduce your educational costs. Sports scholarships are certainly a dream of many high school athletes and a dream come true for some of them. However for everyone else there are plenty of other avenues that can help you get the university education you want.

Can You Apply Online College Scholarships?

These days, it seems like you can do most everything on the Internet. You can shop, pay bills, communicate with others and so much more. But can you apply online college scholarships? In many cases, the answer is yes. Not every college scholarship program accepts online applications. However, some of them do. A scholarship is a monetary award that is applied to the cost of your college tuition. Scholarships are often awarded based on not just financial need but merit as well. Merit may be based upon community involvement, extracurricular activities and of course, GPA which stands for grade point average.

When you do apply online for scholarships, there are definite requirements you will need to follow. For example, you will need to make sure your application is submitted before the deadline or it will not be considered. Also, you will need to follow all document formatting and submission guidelines. Many online scholarship applications require not just an application to be filled out but an essay to be written as well. This essay is often attached to your application and transmitted just like an email attachment. Sometimes you will need to cut and paste your essay into a text box.

Sometimes, you cannot apply for scholarships online because the application process is so involved. For example, some scholarships require written letters of recommendation from respected teachers, counselors and/or employers. You will need to do your research and read all the fine print before applying for any scholarship of any kind. There are rules, regulations and requirements that will need to be upheld when completing your scholarship application. If you are looking for programs that can be applied for online, the best place to look is of course the Internet.

The Internet is filled with great scholarship opportunities as well as plenty of scams and less than desirable offers. You will need to do your research and use your judgment when sorting through the vast amount of information out there. When searching the Internet you will find some places to apply online college scholarships as well as more information about scholarships that cannot be applied for online. It is a good idea to apply for more than one scholarship to increase your chances of success. If you do qualify for one or more scholarships, you will likely be notified by postal mail as well as email.

Two Year College Scholarships: A Guide To Getting One

Are you planning to attend a two year college? Many students are. Some students plan to attend only a two year college while others will transition to a four year university afterwards. You might already know about university scholarships, but did you know there are also two year college scholarships available also? It’s true — you can find financial assistance in the form of scholarships for two year colleges. While they are not as plentiful as four year scholarships they are available from various providers. One of the most prestigious is awarded by the Coca-Cola company.

The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation awards scholarships for those attending two year colleges. The scholarships from this foundation are awarded on the basis of merit which is demonstrated by the student through academic performance, extracurricular activity and community involvement. For the two year scholarship program, high school students must apply by October 31 of their senior year. This program awards 350 $1,000 scholarships to students preparing to attend a two year college. They also offer a very large scholarship award to outstanding students heading to a four year university. This scholarship awards multiple prizes of $20,000 and $10,000 to deserving students around the nation.

Another organization that offers two-year scholarship programs is Phi Theta Kappa. This organization offers 30 $1,000 scholarships each year to students who will be attending a two year college then transferring to a four year university. This organization also has a great many other scholarship programs for students attending a four year university. You may want to do some online research to find out more about the many opportunities offered by this society. Another resource is the financial aid office of the two year college you are planning to attend.

When you sit down with a financial aid counselor he or she can educate you further on the various programs available to help you. The college may offer their own two year college scholarships that you can apply for. You can also find out more about obtaining grants and student loans. A grant is money for college that you do not have to repay, while a student loan is money that you will have to repay, often starting after you graduate. No matter what financial aid route you choose, it is important to understand the application process and the deadlines. If your application is received late, it most likely will not be considered and you will have to wait until the next year.